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Q&A with a CASC® Certificant: Beth Russell, MSN, RN, CASC

You are currently viewing Q&A with a CASC® Certificant: Beth Russell, MSN, RN, CASC

When you first heard about the CASC credential, what were your initial thoughts?

I heard about the CASC credential when I attended my first ASCA conference in 2018.  I immediately knew that one day I would attain this credential. I feel that it is a testament to someone’s dedication to the role of an ASC Administrator.

Why did you pursue the CASC credential?

I am proud to be involved in such a rapidly growing healthcare field and I truly love my job as an Administrator.  I feel that ASCs are the safest, most efficient and economical choice for a patient to have surgery. Attaining the CASC credential is a way for me to push myself to be even better at my job!  I love learning new things and challenging myself.

What do you think is the value of CASC?

Being the Administrator of an ASC is challenging and I wear many hats!  For me, the value of CASC is to highlight my dedication to the role and my continued education in all the aspects required to be an Administrator. It is important to me personally and professionally to be dedicated to my role and I think attaining my CASC speaks to my level of dedication.

How do you think earning and maintaining the credential will benefit you and your ambulatory surgery center?

The requirements to maintain the CASC credential include education AEU requirements.  This will ensure that I am up-to-date on all the changes in the field, which is beneficial to the center, staff education, our certification, etc. Having the CASC credential provides me the confidence, as well as my governing board and my management team, that I have the education and knowledge to perform successfully in my role.

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering pursuing CASC?

I would encourage anyone in this role to go for it!  Do not procrastinate and wait on the time to study!  Feel confident in the knowledge you have doing your job every day.  The certification will validate all your hard work!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Be confident in your abilities and knowledge as an ASC Administrator.  The CASC credential is proof of your dedication to the profession!