Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning CASC.

If you have a question but do not see it addressed here, please review the Candidate Handbook to see if your answer can be found within it. If you still have a question, please contact us.

Q: How often do I need to submit my Administrator Education Units (AEUs)?

A: You can submit AEUs at any time, but you must submit all 30 AEUs (six AEUs in each of the five content areas) via the CASC online recertification system by December 31 of your three-year recertification cycle or your credential will be revoked. There is no extension period.

Q: How often do I need to pay the annual fee?

A: All certificants must pay the annual fee of $150 during the payment period of October 1–December 31 via the CASC online recertification system every year or their credential will be revoked. There is no extension period.

Q: I completed my Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) annual meeting evaluations but don’t see the credits in my recertification portal. Where are they?

A: As more AEU providers, including ASCA, become automated in the awarding of the AEU certificate, it is important to realize these databases are not linked to the CASC online recertification database. This means the information will not automatically transfer, and you must personally enter the AEUs into the CASC online recertification system.

Q: When will I receive my updated certificate upon the completion of my three-year recertification cycle?

A: Certificates are now available in your recertification portal. Once you complete your recertification cycle, a certificate, with current certification dates, will be available.

Q: Where can I obtain my AEUs when I can no longer submit unapproved activities?

A: Effective Jan. 1, 2019, no self-reported (unapproved) continuing education hours will be accepted. This includes college/university course work. You can view a list of approved providers here. If you are attending meetings for organizations that are not providers, urge them to become one (applications can be found here)! Becoming an approved AEU provider confirms their commitment to your education and the advancement of the ASC industry.

Q: Why should I recertify? The credential isn’t required.

A: The CASC credential not being required is part of what makes it stand out. It demonstrates exemplary commitment to the ASC industry. It shows that you have a comprehensive knowledge of administrator duties and are remaining current on the latest ASC issues and requirements.

Q: Who is BASC? I thought this was the CASC credential?

A: BASC administers the CASC credential. It also administers the CAIP credential.

Q: What do I do if my contact information changes?

A: It is your responsibility to update your contact information in the CASC online recertification system, including maintaining a current email address. All communication regarding the CASC credential will be emailed to certificants, so it is very important to include a current email address.

Some firewalls might block emails from BASC. To help ensure proper delivery of BASC emails to your inbox, check with the appropriate personnel/department at your center to assist you in adding emails sent from BASC to your whitelist, also called the “approved” or “safe sender” list. It is also recommended to periodically check your “junk/spam” folder to make certain BASC emails are not being sent to that folder.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding my CASC certification?

A: Any questions regarding the information outlined above can be submitted to BASC at 703.836.4871 or casc@aboutcasc.org.

Q: I am CASC certified. Should I also take the CAIP exam?

A: The CASC certification exam is specifically designed for ASC administrators while the CAIP certification is for infection preventionists working in the ASC industry. The individual in your ASC who fulfills the role of the infection preventionist should download the CAIP handbook at www.aboutcaip.org to review the eligibility requirement for the exam.