The CASC certificate definitely made me more self-assured in my ability to manage all aspects of ASC operations. At the same time, it is a reminder to remain steadfast and humble to all those that my work touches. I am extremely proud of this designation. Our industry has and will continue to evolve. This certificate, along with the ongoing requirements to keep it active, are challenging and necessary in order to be an effective administrator.

Meg Wiebel, CASC


I felt that earning the CASC credential would verify my commitment to my role as an administrator, my organization — governing body and staff — as well as the patients my center serves. Maintaining the credential requires me to remain current in all aspects of the certification: financial, regulatory/legal, human resources, quality and patient care. This enables me to be prepared for the future. When you earn the credential, you are regarded as being among the top in your profession and are highly respected by your peers. It is also an accomplishment one should be proud of. I know I am

Laurie T. Roderiques, RN, CNOR, CASC


I feel that earning the CASC credential helped to validate my knowledge and skills in the ASC world. In order to maintain the credential, I attend conferences and training, so this helps to always keep my knowledge current.

Paige Proffitt, RN, BSN, CASC


ASCs are an important part of our healthcare delivery system so I feel it is very important to document excellence in the administration of our surgery centers. The CASC credentialing process is a means for administrators to learn and continuously improve. It is worth the effort as the CASC credential sets a higher standard for all of us. There are always leaders who show dedication to their craft. The CASC credential is an outward symbol of dedication to excellence and to continuous improvement.”

Mark Mayo, CASC

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