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Q&A with a CASC® Certificant: Julie Baker of AdventHealth Kansas City

You are currently viewing Q&A with a CASC® Certificant: Julie Baker of AdventHealth Kansas City

When you first heard about the CASC credential, what were your initial thoughts?

My initial thoughts were, oh my gosh am I ever going to know enough to pass this exam? It is overwhelming when you are an administrator of a small ASC and a nurse by trade, like most I have to wear multiple hats and didn’t know how I was going to learn all of the business parts of the credential.

Why did you pursue the CASC credential?

I feel like certifications show a higher level of professionalism within your career and commitment to it. I have been certified in other areas in the past and I’ve felt it gives me the comfort in knowing that I don’t have as much of the imposter syndrome. It validates you a little bit.

What do you think is the value of CASC?

I think that it is extremely valuable. It shows commitment professionally for what we are doing in our ASC. When I read a newsletter or article from someone who is a CASC certificant, I feel like it gives a little more meat to the writing and I see it as coming from someone with a higher level of knowledge.

How do you think earning and maintaining the credential will benefit you and your ASC?

Well certainly it keeps you at best practice. It forces you to stay current in affairs, which is great because there are lots of avenues right now that you can get information in ambulatory surgery. Information comes through the computer all the time on websites and online journals, but it can only benefit us to look out for what is best practice and what other ASCs are doing.

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering pursuing CASC?

Just go for it. I feel like a lot of us in the administrator role know a little bit about a lot of things, but do we really know enough to get us through? The certification is really validating, just do it! You will learn a lot by studying for it and paying attention to the details. It is definitely worth it.