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Q&A with a CASC® Certificant: Heather Keidel Hayes, MBA, CASC

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When you first heard about the CASC credential, what were your initial thoughts?

I’ve been CASC certified for many years and have gone through several recertification cycles. I had first started to notice the credential on the email signature of respected industry professionals that I worked with, which prompted me to investigate it further.  In reviewing the requirements, I thought that many of the background requirements were well matched to my experience, but it was a little overwhelming. I spent the next year talking to certificants about their experience in pursuing and maintaining the credential, as well as asking for their insights and opinions on whether they thought that my background and experience would be well-suited to pursuing the credential.

Why did you pursue the CASC credential?

In my conversations with CASC certificants, there was a resounding theme in their feedback – having the CASC credential was a clear indication of commitment to excellence in the profession as well as a great way to network and continue to build on your knowledge. These points really resonated with me.

What do you think is the value of CASC?

The commitment to maintaining the credential ensures that certificants are involved in ongoing education in the advancement of the outpatient surgery. I also hold a lot of value in the networking opportunities during the continuing education experiences.

How do you think earning and maintaining the credential will benefit you and your ambulatory surgery center?

Earning and maintaining credential ensures that my ongoing education in the field is well-rounded, as the required continuing education requires participation in all five content areas – financial, regulatory/legal, human resources, quality, and patient care. This benefits my employer as I bring this knowledge back into the organization and provide these insights into conversations and decisions that shape our product and service offerings.

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering pursuing CASC?

Do it! I know that I delayed my pursuit due to reservations about the requirements. Since earning the credential, I’ve spoken to other people who are interested in pursuing the credential but hesitate or are intimidated because of the vast content areas.  BASC has done a tremendous job of offering a variety of learning opportunities to prepare for the exam – there’s no better time than now!