Q&A with a CASC Certificant: Meg Wiebel of Crow Valley Surgery Center

Meg Wiebel, RN, CNOR, CASC, has served as the administrative director of Crow Valley Surgery Center, a multispecialty surgery center in Bettendorf, Iowa, since its inception in 2007. She passed the CASC exam in 2011.

Q: How did you prepare for the exam?

Meg Wiebel: I took the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s (ASCA) CASC review course, which, in my opinion, is a worthwhile investment. The material and teaching methods could not have better prepared me for the test.

Q: What do you recall about the exam?

MW: The test was certainly reasonable and comprehensive. In other words, one can expect to field questions in all aspects of ASC operations. My career in nursing has been primarily in surgical services, either as a clinician or in management, and so, as expected, the patient care and regulatory questions were my area of expertise while the finance and business sections were more challenging for me. Taking the actual exam was stressful, but, in the end, it confirmed that although I did not feel well-versed in all aspects of ASC operations, I knew that I was well on my way.

Q: Why did you elect to pursue the credential at that point in your ASC career?

MW: I wanted to validate early in my ASC career that my knowledge in ASC operations was on solid ground.

Q: How do you think earning the credential has benefited you in your career in the ASC industry and your ASC?

MW: The CASC certificate definitely made me more self-assured in my ability to manage all aspects of ASC operations. At the same time, it is a reminder to remain steadfast and humble to all those that my work touches.

Q: Was pursuing the CASC credential a worthwhile experience?

MW: I am extremely proud of this designation. Our industry has and will continue to evolve. This certificate, along with the ongoing requirements to keep it active, are challenging and necessary in order to be an effective administrator.

Q: What would you say to ASC administrators who are unsure if the CASC credential is right for them?

MW: Invest in the ASCA CASC review course. The curriculum is designed for any type of background: business, finance, nursing, medicine, etc. It is a confidence booster while also a great tool in developing an action plan for study prior to the exam.

I cannot imagine anyone pursuing this certification not to be anxious. Although not easy, the exam has been thoughtfully written and executed.

With the CASC certification, your commitment to excellence and the vast knowledge you have is substantiated personally and professionally.

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