Q&A with a CASC Certificant: John Piccione of Surgery Partners

John Piccione, CASC, is a regional director for Surgery Partners based in Lake Worth, Florida. He began working in the ASC industry with Surgery Partners back in 2011 in various capacities and currently has oversight of several Florida ASCs and some special projects within the region.

Q: When did you take your CASC exam? How did you prepare for it?

John Piccione: I took the CASC exam in 2016. As the exam is truly experience based, there is not much material available in the way of preparations. Much of the content relates to the myriad areas of ASC administration, governance structure and the financial aspects of operating a business. I was able to attend the pre-exam workshop at the annual, national ASCA conference which shed some light into the content areas to be expected on the exam.

Q: What do you recall about it?

JP: It was an intense exam, like a mini SAT/ACT. Many of the questions were not simple exam-style questions but rather required complex thinking, conceptual comprehension and logic. The exam was an excellent representation of the kind of thinking that may be required in an ASC leadership position. It covered all of the various areas of expertise one may acquire in ASC operations.

Q: Why did you elect to pursue the credential at that point in your ASC career?

JP: I wanted something to set me apart in the world of ASC leadership and obtain a respected credential that substantiated the body of knowledge acquired by operating successful surgery centers. 

Q: Why have you maintained the credential?

JP: Having and maintaining this credential demonstrates a commitment to the field and differentiates leaders who possess the ability to operate independently in all aspects of ASC administration, including serving as a functional member of the governing body.

Q: How do you think earning the credential has benefited you in your career in the ASC industry and your ASC?

JP: I believe this continuously reiterates my desire and commitment to creating a lasting career in this unique space. 

Q: Was pursuing the CASC credential a worthwhile experience?

JP: Yes. An unintended side benefit of preparing for and taking the exam was that the questions shed some light into new areas of ASC operations and challenged my own thought processes, both of which translated into changes in the way I approached issues in real life.

Q: What would you say to ASC administrators who are unsure if the CASC credential is right for them?

JP: Set yourself apart. Gain as much operational experience as possible and then challenge yourself by reviewing some of the practice material to see if you feel ready. As ASC leadership positions become even more coveted, earning the CASC credential may be the distinction that gets you in the door.

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