Q&A with a CASC Certificant: Cindy Young of Surgery Center of Farmington

Cindy Young, RN, CASC, is the administrative director for Surgery Center of Farmington in Farmington, Missouri. She graduated from nursing school in 1993, accepting her first job in an ASC in 1999 as a staff nurse. In 2001, Young accepted the administrator position at the Surgery Center of Farmington, where she still works today. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) in 2011.

Young has served on the Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center Association board for several years and currently holds the position of president. She also served on the ASCA board from 2012-2018, is currently the chair of the ASCA membership committee and serves on ASCA’s education committee.

Young passed the CASC exam in October 2007.

Q: What do you recall about your exam?

Cindy Young: The exam was comprehensive, with questions ranging in all areas from clinical to OSHA, financial, regulatory and legal. Some of the areas were very easy; others were more challenging. As someone with a clinical background, my weakness was in regulatory and legal matters.

In 2007, the practice exam was not available to assist me with studying, but today this is a great bonus for people wanting to better prepare for the exam. In addition, many fewer people had taken the exam in 2007, limiting the networking opportunities. I feel candidates today have many more tools available to help them prepare for, study for and pass the exam.

Q: Why did you elect to pursue the credential at that point in your ASC career?

CY: I was serving as the administrator of our facility but had yet to complete my BSN program. I had people challenging me on my knowledge base because I was lacking a bachelor’s degree. I wanted to take the CASC exam to add the additional credential to my portfolio and prove I had the education and knowledge to be the administrator despite my lack of a bachelor’s degree.

Q: Why was pursuing the CASC credential, and now maintaining it, worthwhile?

CY: Earning my CASC credential has helped me earn opportunities to serve on state and national ASC association boards. Serving on these boards allowed me a greater opportunity to support, lobby for and promote the ASC industry. The doors of opportunity only opened for me in these roles after I obtained my CASC credential.

Q: What would you say to ASC administrators who are unsure if the CASC credential is right for them?

CY: I feel obtaining the CASC credential positions a person apart from others in the ASC industry. Obtaining the CASC credential adds a layer of validated knowledge to a person’s portfolio. It can provide additional opportunities for new and even seasoned administrators.

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