CASC Exam Now Exclusively Online

As of 2016, the CASC Examination will no longer be administered via pencil and paper, and no longer be administered at Ambulatory Surgery Center Association conferences.

The exam will be offered during the months of March and October. In order to sit for the March exam, CASC candidates must submit their application January 1- January 31. For the October exam, applications will need to be submitted August 1- August 31. Note: Specific examination dates and application deadlines will be posted on the CASC website.

The CASC Examination will be administered at one of 190 AMP Assessment Centers located throughout the United States. You will not need any computer experience or typing skills to take the computer examination.

Here are some other important details about the computer-based format for the exam.

Scheduling an Examination — Once you have submitted an application to the Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification (BASC) and received approval for the examination by BASC, you will automatically receive information regarding how to schedule your exam.

Examination Administration — Computer examinations are administered by appointment only, Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (local time). Saturday appointments may be scheduled based on availability. Available dates will be indicated when scheduling your examination.

Assessment Center Locations — AMP Assessment Centers have been selected to provide accessibility to the most candidates in all states and major metropolitan areas. A current listing of AMP Assessment Centers, including addresses and driving directions, may be viewed at AMP’s website at Specific address information will be provided when an examination appointment is scheduled.

For additional information about the exam, including identification requirements, rescheduling an appointment, missed and canceled appointments, and exam restrictions, as well as a copy of the information provided above, download the newest version of the CASC Handbook. The Handbook provides everything you need to know about the CASC exam, including the exam application form.

If you have any questions about the CASC exam that the Handbook does not address, please contact BASC by clicking here.